Thursday, October 18, 2012

Imaginary Boogiemen

The funny (and by funny I probably mean annoying) thing about PVNS is that the symptoms often flare up out of the blue. Super inconvenient for someone like me who is constantly on the go!

One of these annoying, out-of-the-blue attacks happened this Saturday night just past. I'd had the dull ache that often goes hand in hand with a PVNS tumour on and off for a few days, but mostly I'd had a good couple of weeks with my elbow. However, on Saturday night all of a sudden I started getting severe spasming pain in my joint, right through my nerves through to my wrist and fingers.

I took Endone when I went to bed but even that barely touched the pain, which continued throughout my broken sleep of the night. It was so severe at one point I was completely overcome by nausea, and also was convinced that someone was trying to get into my room! It was such a relief to finally be able to settle myself down at about 6am and sleep through until 10am. 

By the time I got up I was feeling much better, until lunchtime when I reached across the table to grab some food off a plate and white-hot pain shot through my elbow. I jerked it back like I had been burnt, and burst into tears - the shock of the intense pain literally took my breath away for several minutes.

However, there's a choice that must be made when choosing how to deal with these symptomatic periods. We can either live constantly on edge, waiting for the next pain to come, or we can focus on the time we have feeling good. 

That's the motto I try as hard as I can to live by - 

Don't live in fear of the bad days. Make the most of the good days!

Kylie xoxo

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