Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Next?

It's been a while! I thought I would do a quick update on where I am at.

Since I had the dry needling and intensive physio in January, I had a really good run of being pretty much a-symptomatic. I was off all pain meds, and feeling pretty fantastic. In early March I started getting a few twinges here and there, a few numb fingers and shooting pains. I went to the physio for some more needling, but unfortunately this time it hasn't had the same effect, and my symptoms have been very up and down and uncontrolled over the past month, to the point where nerve pain will hit suddenly and so severely that I will vomit.

I have also had more general aching in my elbow, I'm not sure if this might be related to the weather starting to cool down?

I am going overseas to America and the UK for 6 weeks next month, so I thought I should do something about getting the pain under control before I go. The last thing I want is it be stuck in an unfamiliar country in excruciating pain!

I was originally going to see my oncologist, but he came up with a new plan so now I am going to see my pain doctor on May 10th so she can give me a prescription of some description, as well as letter to take pain meds overseas. 8 days after I get home, I will be having an MRI and then the following week I will be seeing my oncologist for the results and to decide what we do next.

Last time I had an MRI he just sent me a letter with the results, but this time he wants to see me because of my symptoms. So it will be interesting to hear what his plan is from here on out!

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Sheila Rae said...

Hey girl what part of the USA at you coming to visit?
So sorry your PVNS is acting up again. I hope you get the pain undercontrol soon.